The Legend of the Green Fairy



Known as the “Green Fairy”, Absinthe was created in the 18th century, and became a very popular Spirit among artists like Baudelaire, Van Gogh, Hemmingway, Picasso and many others. The main reason was not only the unique taste, but also the fact that Absinthe was said to deeply inspire, develop ideas, stimulate creation. And even, if drinking enough, this mysterious Spirit was known for causing strange hallucinations. Because of this, many countries such as France, Germany, Holland, USA decided to ban this infamous Spirit, that then became a legend during almost one hundred years.
But in 1999, Pascal Rolland, CEO of the LIQUORISTERIE DE PROVENCE, reintroduced absinthe with the Versinthe brand, after an 84 years ban in France. Bringing a myth back to life was not a simple task! It took him over a year of work and the collaboration of Marc Villaceque, expert liquoriste, to arrive at what is considered perfection.
For nearly two years Versinthe would be the only legal absinthe in France. Versinthe would go on to win over 20 professional tasting contests in numerous countries (USA, England, France, Luxembourg, China….), finally obtaining in 2007 the very prestigious award of “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” or “Company of French Living Heritage” conferred by the French government to companies that preserve and continue the traditions.

The French Ritual

Difference between Traditional method and Bohemian method:


Now you might have seen on Youtube or in some bars this new modern way to prepare Absinthe and that is called the Bohemian method. They use fire to burn the sugar, and sometimes the Spirit. Even though it might look fun and sophisticated, real Absinthe lovers and connoisseurs disapprove this method as it can destroy the flavors and virtues. But anyway, here in the Greedy Loft, we are not really interested by the Bohemian style as it usually doesn’t use natural Absinthe. And the one we import, Versinthe, is certified organic.


Real or fake?

Some popular beliefs claim that a glass of “real” Absinthe can make you completely lose mind. Well, this is wrong. Sorry for the ones who were hoping to get high, and I can imagine the disappointment in your facial expression, but the truth is that the real Absinthe will not cause those kinds of effects; I mean, unless you drink the whole bottle off course! However, it is true that it can give a kind of euphoric feeling that is quite different to other types alcohol. What is important to know is that real Absinthe, with its sweet and bitter flavors, is made with medicinal plants such as wormwood, green anise and sweet fennel. If organic and natural, a single glass should not be harmful to health. In contrary, the benefits of this ancient plants have been recognized for centuries, especially for digestion, skin, stress, and like mentioned before: to stimulate imagination.
PS: Not to mention that it is highly-recommended to drink it with moderation. But this rule is to apply to most delicious and healthy products, such as brandy, wine, beer, or olive oil…